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    VOD Furnace


    Purpose Of Equipment

    1.      For smelting ultra-low-carbon steel, mold steel

    2.      For smelting bearing steel, spring steel and others.


    Characteristics Of The Equipment

    1.      Vacuum degassing, vacuum charging, vacuum-oxygen decarbonizing.

    2.      Make sure the argon, oxygen, nitrogen upto very low, rising purity of steel liquid.

    3.      Simple equipment, minimum investment, more steel type, top quality, esay to operation,


    Equipment Constitution


    1.      Vacuume tank system

    2.      Top of vacuum tank system

    3.      Car of rising top and moving

    4.      Vacuum pipe system

    5.      Vacuum pump system

    6.      Cooling water system

    7.      Argon system, oxygen system

    8.      Electrical device



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